Joanne McDevitt

Joanne attended the Nash Academy Dog Grooming School in Lexington, KY in 1996.  After graduating, she apprenticed several years before buying and taking over Dogs R Us in 2000. She has built the business from just a few clients to several thousand.  She is proud of all the people who work with her including some who have been with her many years.  To her there is much joy in working with people who all love and care about dogs

Amanda was born and raised in Michigan.  At 12 years old she started grooming and showing brittany spaniels in the AKC show world, competing in both obedience and confirmation. She started out as a bather at 18 while attending college and then trained on the job to becoming a full time groomer. After grooming for 18 years, she  has a vast knowledge of breed standard cuts, hand scissored cuts, and double coated breeds. She can also help you in deciding what kind of cut is best suited for your pet and your lifestyle here.

Dogs R Us Staff in Fort Walton Beach

Dogs R Us

Jackie Cole

 Proper Bathing is very important to a beautiful groom!  Jackie has worked at Dogs R Us for years and understands what shampoos are best for your dog's coat.  We  have medicated shampoos available to help soothe any skin irritations we may see.    Not only is Jackie an expert at bathing and drying but she also helps us to hold and calm dogs when we need her to as we groom.

Amanda Stewart

Robyn Kruckeberg

Robyn began working in a groom shop in Pocatello, Idaho in 1989.  After  working several years to improve her skills, she opened her own shop and ran it for 10 years before moving to Mountain Home, Idaho.  There she opened Paws and Claws and ran it from 2002 until 2017.  We are very happy to have Robyn as a member of our groom team.  Her work is exceptional and she has a special way with hard to handle doggies.  We call her our "dog whisperer"

Miki Austin

Miki joined the Dogs R Us team right after Joanne bought the shop in 2000.  She had already been grooming for several years so now she has 20+ years experience.  She has many clients whose dogs she has groomed their whole lives and who absolutely love her.  Miki has a wonderful way with puppies and older dogs alike and is a very skillful groomer.